There are a number of common maintenance mistakes that should be avoided:

Using a chemical wipe-down on a handpiece before sterilizing. This may multiply harmful reactions when the handpiece is subjected to heat.

Lubricating in the wrong hole – only the drive air line leads directly to the turbine.

Not applying enough lubricant. Sometimes staff is directed not to overspray oil into the handpiece, to reduce excess residue; however, it is important to ensure that oil is getting to the bearings, by seeing oil leave the head.

Not running the handpiece prior to autoclaving. Failing to operate the handpiece following lubrication will gum up the turbine as excess oil gets baked into the bearings.

Leaving the bur in the chuck during autoclaving. When a bur is held in an auto-chuck, the springs are compressed. Subjecting any spring to heat and corrosion under tension will weaken it and shorten the life. Leaving a bur in a manual chuck leads to buildup of debris in the chuck and increased difficulty of operation.

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