Dental Handpiece
Repair Service

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Handpiece Doctor is an independent, locally-owned and operated business, based in Halifax serving dentists across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

Our dental hand piece repair technicians are certified professionals with over 30 years experience.


Dental Handpiece Repair, Halifax, NS

“I am so happy I did and came across The Handpiece Doctor! They are easy to deal with and provide great customer service along with great prices. I would highly recommend them to other offices for all their services.”

Jennifer Crawford, Daniel Daniel Dentistry

“George has been prompt and very knowledgeable in the handpiece arena …and they seem to be running much longer and smoother than the last repair place we were using. It’s fantastic that handpiece dr is local but also has great friendly service and confidence that repairs are done to last longer. Easy and trustworthy–what a combination!”

Dr Maud McEvoy. Shad Bay Dental


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 (902) 488-6706

4427 Prospect Road,
Bayside, Nova Scotia B3Z 1L6

4427 Prospect Road,
Bayside, Nova Scotia B3Z 1L6